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Little Weasel

Tiny Training Cup

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Parents know that babies love learning new table skills and can have lots of fun despite the mess they make in the high chair. And babies learn through mealtime play. Drinking from an open cup is serious baby business as it helps develop oral-motor skills. When it comes to learning to drink from an open cup, our Stage 1 Tiny Training Cup is the perfect tool for the job, helping baby build confidence in this gloriously sloppy process.

Our itsy bitsy 55ml cup is designed just for little hands, featuring a soft silicone rim to protect little teeth and a weighted bottom and grips to reduce spills. Ideal for babies just starting the weaning process as well as young toddlers. 

We admit it: teaching a baby to drink from a cup is messy and there will be spills -- yet despite the spillage it can be lots of fun for everyone!

Why should baby learn to drink from an open cup?

Drinking from an open cup encourages babies and toddlers to learn a sipping action -- rather than just sucking -- allowing the to develop mouth, jaw and facial muscles. There are numerous benefits including:

  • Learning the mature swallow pattern, wherein the tongue touches the roof of the mouth
  • Supporting speech development by teaching the lip closure needed to pronounce the English language b, p, and m sounds
  • Preventing tooth damage and decay 
  • Supporting development of coordination and building fine motor skills

When should I introduce an open cup to baby?

Experts recommend that babies learn to drink from an open cup in the first year. Many suggest starting right at 6 months, around the same time as baby starts solids. Parents may also opt to use sippy or straw cups for a few months and then introduce open cups to a slightly older baby. If your child is over 12 months old, it's okay, young children are adaptable! Just go ahead and get started. 

How do I introduce an open cup?

To teach babies to drink from an open cup, parents can help hold the cup as baby sips. Parents may wish to start with just a small amount of water, breastmilk, or formula and can try demonstrating drinking to show baby how it's done. Even a few minutes of practice each day is very helpful. If you prefer, you can use the open cup in combination with straw or sippy cups, cups with handles, and more (just use different cups at different meals). By 12-18 months, many babies can use an open cup independently. 

An ideal accompaniment to many weaning approaches, whether you are starting with self-feeding, baby led weaning, purees, combination feeding, or another weaning style.

Features include:

  • Made for tiny hands and excellent for babies as young as 6 months old
  • Ribbing on the side of the cup helps baby grip the cup and limits slipping
  • Soft silicone rim protects little teeth
  • Bottom weighted design and grips keep the cup in place and upright on little one's tray or table
  • Inner angle to allow for natural flow of liquids and easier drinking
  • Unlike plastic, durable silicone does not fade, wear, deform or crack. Discourages growth of fungus, mould, or bacteria
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Freezer safe for temperatures as low as -40C and heat resistant up to 200C
  • 100% BPA free food grade silicone


As with all silicone dining products, the cup can develop a soapy taste if oil residue is retained on the surface. This is typically the result of dish washing products. Avoid dish soaps made with moisturizers or essential oils. To remove residual oils, rub with lemon, soak in vinegar, or boil the cup in water.

Dimensions: Volume 55ml. 6.8cm height. 5.6cm diameter at widest point.

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