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Little Weasel

Tiny Bather Brush (Set of 2)

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Bath time is a little bit better with our Tiny Bather Brushes. These flexible silicone brushes are especially suited to washing baby's scalp to remove cradle cap and dry, flaky skin. And many little babies love the feeling of a gentle head massage at their bath time spa session.

Our brushes feature:

  • A tiny brush sized to suit newborns
  • Ultra soft bristles to gently exfoliate the scalp
  • Gentle massager bumps
  • Flexible silicone that curves to conform to baby's head
  • Finger hold for easy handling
  • Suction cup handle for easy storage and drying
  • Easy to clean, non-toxic silicone
  • Can be used from head to toe
  • Appropriate for both bald cuties and babies with hair
  • Avoids scratching baby's scalp with sharp nails
  • Made to be used with your preferred baby shampoo or oil

Cradle cap is a very common newborn skin rash that is caused by overactive oil glands. Though it's harmless and normally goes away on its own, parents can take steps to address and prevent it. To use the Tiny Bather Brush for cradle cap:

  • Wet baby's hair or scalp and lather with shampoo. Gently scrub the affected areas of baby's scalp with the Tiny Bather Brush to remove flakes, then rinse clean
  • For more persistent cases, use our brush with your preferred baby oil. Apply oil to the hair or scalp, wait a few minutes, and then use the brush to scrub baby's scalp. The flakes and scales should begin to rub off -- but avoid picking at them. The scalps may not all come off in the first wash. After this oil treatment, parents can follow with a regular shampoo wash
  • Repeat regularly, washing baby's hair every 2-3 days. Washing more frequently can increase oil production and may worsen cradle cap
  • Beyond bath time, regularly brush hair with a baby hair brush. (May we suggest our goat's wool Beech Baby Brush?) Dry brushing can also help remove and prevent cradle cap and is a wonderful, calming addition to baby's bedtime routine

Brush dimensions:  6.5cm length x 5cm width

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