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Little Weasel

Soothing Ice/Heat Breast Pads

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We've been there: breastfeeding can be hard. Whether you're struggling with inflammation and blocked ducts, slogging through long pumping sessions, or weaning, these Hot & Cold Breast Therapy Pads by Little Weasel are here to help. These gel pads can be used two ways: cold, like an ice pack, or hot, like a heating pad.

We designed these pads to help you throughout your breastfeeding journey as your needs change over time:
- Used cold, pads can help reduce breast pain, pressure, and swelling, helping to alleviate mastitis and prevent clogged ducts. Cold therapy may be especially helpful in your first few months of breastfeeding, or as you're weaning
- Used hot, pads can encourage milk letdown. Many pumping mums find that heat can be especially helpful to get milk flowing and decrease pumping time (especially if you're pumping in the backroom of a cold office!). And heat therapy is not just for pumping: pads can also be used while nursing directly and may help if you're struggling with long feeding sessions.

In addition to gel pads, this set includes a pair of soft, plush covers:
- Helps protect you from extreme temperatures
- Removable and washable
- Snaps open and closed, so you can fit them around a pump to encourage letdown
- Can also be used whilst nursing thanks to the areola opening
- Can be slotted inside a nursing bra for hands-free therapy

To use:
- To use cold, place the gel pad in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours, or in the freezer for 30-45 minutes
- To use hot, heat it in your microwave at 10 second intervals on medium heat. The pad will heat up in about 30 seconds total
- Pads will stay hot or cold for a 10-20 minute session
- We recommend using the pads with the cover for comfort and to help protect you from extreme temperatures
- Always check the temperature of the pads before using and use only for the recommended timeframe (for example, 10-20 minutes). To avoid damaging the pads, do not overheat or over-freeze. When heating in the microwave, check at 10 second intervals and remove immediately if the pads start to bubble or inflate. As with any heating or cooling product, please be aware of the risk of scalding, burns and frostbite, and do not use if broken. Kindly be advised that products are used at the user's own risk.
- If you are treating a medical condition, always follow the instructions of your doctor or medical practitioner. In addition to breastfeeding, pads may also be helpful for women struggling with breast pain or recovering for people recovering from breast surgery.

Gel pads are 17cm in diameter and designed to fit most breast sizes.

What's in the box
2 x Breast Gel Pads
2 x Covers

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