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Little Weasel

Sipper Snacker Cup

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The Sipper Snacker Cup by Little Weasel is a flexible drink and snack cup that grows with your child, helping to build confidence and fine motor skills along the way. It is a 3-in-1 straw cup, snack cup, and open drink cup.

  1. Lid #1 is a straw cup lid. The lid comes together with a straw that slides tightly into place, reducing leaks and messes. 
  2. Lid #2 is a snack lid. It features a flexible opening that helps keep food inside whilst allowing little snackers to easily reach inside and grab some food.
  3. For toddlers weaning from a straw or sippy cup and drinking without a straw, the cup can be used without a lid as an open training cup. 

The Sipper Snacker's sturdy, unbreakable silicone build, heavier design, and easy-grab handles make it an excellent training cup. 

It is made with travel in mind. Both lids help reduce spills for families on the move or in the car.

Both the straw and open cup types in this set are supportive of baby’s oral-motor skills development and are recommended over sippy cups. Drinking from an open or straw cup encourages babies and toddlers to learn a sipping action -- rather than just sucking -- allowing baby to develop mouth, jaw and facial muscles.

Features include:

  • 4 pieces are included in the set: cup, sip cup lid, straw, and snack lid
  • The sippy cup lid is leak resistant, and the snack cup lid helps reduce spills whilst allowing your child to easily access food. Both lids feature a ribbed rim that keeps them secured, even when the cup is being squeezed.
  • Handles are flexible and easy for little ones to grab, helping them drink confidently and build fine motor skills
  • Volume markings up to 250ml inside the cup so parents can keep track of fluid consumption
  • Heavier cup design keeps the cup in place and upright on little one's tray or table
  • Unlike plastic, durable silicone does not fade, wear, deform or crack. Discourages growth of fungus, mould, or bacteria
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Freezer safe for temperatures as low as -40C and heat resistant up to 200C
  • 100% BPA free food grade Platinum Silicone
  • Ages 6 months and up. An excellent cup to introduce to babies and that will work well into the toddler years, even after your toddler weans from a sippy cup
  • As with all silicone dining products, the cup can develop a soapy taste if oil residue is retained on the surface. This is typically the result of dish washing products. Avoid dish soaps made with moisturizers or essential oils. To remove residual oils, rub with lemon, soak in vinegar, or boil the cup in water.

Dimensions: Volume up to 250ml. Inner cup diameter 75mm. Cup height 80mm.

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