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Night Lamp & White Noise Machine

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Keep the nursery calm with our Night Lamp & White Noise Machine. Our Night Lamp gives off a warm glow and can be set brighter than most nightlights, yet much darker than most lightbulbs or lamps -- a perfect in-between light level for parents who need to see well enough to change, nurse, or feed baby at night. The room remains dark and calming, and parents can avoid turning on brighter ceiling lights or lamps that can overstimulate baby and make it harder to fall back asleep.  

Features include: 

  • 13 Light Colours. Options include orange, yellow, red, green, aqua, blue, pink, lavender, and 5 gradient colour options.
  • Dimmer Control. At its brightest, the machine can be set to give off a strong glow, brighter than most nightlights but much dimmer than most lamps and lightbulbs. At its dimmest, the lamp gives off a soft glow, or it can be turned off entirely.
  • Tap-Control On/Off Function. The light can be turned on and off by tapping the top of the machine, making it easy to turn on and off at night, a great help to overtired parents who need to control the light whilst caring for a baby. Tap and hold the top of the machine to adjust brightness.
  • 20 Soothing Sound Options. Options include 5 static white noise pitches; 5 fan sounds; and 10 nature and calming sounds including ocean waves, forest birds, rain, thunderstorm, fan, music box, lullaby, heartbeat, shush, and womb / fetal noises
  • Optional Timer. Sound can be set to turn off automatically after 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, or 3 hours. When time is up, sound fades out gradually to avoid disturbing sleep. 
  • Adjustable volume. Adjust the machine to the perfect audio level whether you or baby requires a very quiet sound level or a volume high enough to drown out noises coming from another room.
  • Excellent, true-to-life sound quality. Clear, believable sounds help babies, kids, and adults get the best possible rest.
  • Supports earphones. Earphones can be plugged into the machine to offer extra flexibility.
  • Memory function. When turned off and back on, the machine will remain on the most recently used light, sound, and timer settings.

We sell multiple white noise machines. Compared to alternatives, this machine features a much brighter night lamp with a tap-to-touch function. Due to the brighter lamp, this machine must remain plugged in and is not rechargeable. The machine is powered by an included USB-C charger cable and can be plugged into any USB power source, including a phone charger or any USB power port. For loadshedding, the machine can be powered by a standard power bank or laptop.

About white noise machines:

White noise is a "constant background noise" wherein sound is emitted evenly across the spectrum of audible frequencies. White noise aids sleep because it drowns out distracting noises. It provides a constant, unobtrusive background sound that many find more soothing and calming than complete silence.  

Our Night Lamp & White Noise Machine offers a range of white noises. It also offers fan sounds, which have a similar effect to white noise since they tend to produce a common, unobtrusive, and constant sound across a range of frequencies. Many people sleep better with white noise or nature noises in the background. Babies in particular are thought to sleep better with white noise because the sound replicates baby's sensory experience in the womb whilst drowning out distracting background noises. Moreover, white noise is an excellent and gentle tool to help babies learn to sleep independently. It can provide a sustainable sleep association, allowing babies to connect sleep cycles without parental assistance -- meaning everyone gets better sleep.

Measurements: Height 12cm. Diameter 10cm

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