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Little Weasel

Muslin Dudu Blankets

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This cuddly muslin dudu blankey by Little Weasel is a best friend to babies and parents alike. Babas and toddlers will fall in love, and so will parents: a lovie is a wonderful sleep aid, and it can help with separation anxiety, transitions, and fussy periods. Our lovie is designed as a small, softly textured comfort blanket with a cuddly little stuffy attached, just the thing your child will seek out as a security item.

About lovies:

Around 8 to 12 months, many babies form an attachment with a lovey, also called a dudu blanket, security blanket, or soft toy. A lovey is a transitional item that looks, smells, and feels familiar, a comforting companion for your baby as he navigates the exciting but scary journey toward independence.

Lovies are a great help to parents, too. A lovey can support your baby or toddler to calm down when she becomes upset or dysregulated. Lovies are especially helpful during transition times and stressful periods, such as when traveling or starting playschool. And they can be an absolute gamechanger for little ones struggling with separation anxiety at bedtime.

You can guide your baby to attach to our dudu blankey starting as early as 6 to 8 months. (If you don't guide baby toward a specific lovie, he is likely to choose one on his own. But beware that he may well pick something - ahem - inconvenient, like mom's nightgown!) To suggest lovey to your baby, introduce it regularly at bedtime and in unfamiliar situations, such as at the doctor's office. Some parents hold the lovey close to their chest for a few hours before introducing it so it smells familiar, an added enticement for baba.

While most babies take to a lovie, every baby is a little bit different. Some attach to a lovie earlier, others around 1 year old, and some may never attach to a lovie at all. Children might also select multiple comfort objects, and may "use" each one for different situations. Lovey attachment usually peaks around 18 to 24 months and tapers off after the toddler years.

Our lovie is designed to help baba form a strong attachment, and to meet your needs as a parent too:

  • Ultra soft Muslin: Our 100% cotton muslin material is ultra soft, light and airy. Babies will enjoy the gentle texture of the muslin. Baba may also enjoy gripping onto the knots and rabbit ears
  • Part blanket, part stuffie: This lovie combines the two most common baby security items together in one cute package
  • Just the right size: Our lovie measures approximately 40 x 28 cm, a perfect compact size for baby to hug and carry, and for you to bring along in the car, to the playground, or on your travels
  • Machine washable: We recommend washing your lovie regularly. Otherwise, baba might grow attached to its smell and might start to insist that you don't wash it at all!
  • Great for gifting: This lovie also makes a great gift for a Baby Shower, First Birthday, or baby Christmas present

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