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Little Weasel

Beech Baby Hair Brush

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Our Beech Baby Hair Brush is an ultra soft brush for your little one. Made of 100% goat's wool bristles and sturdy, eco-friendly beech wood. A pure and natural option to brush baby's hair. 

  • Beyond grooming, there are numerous benefits to frequent hair brushing for little ones:
  • Frequent hair brushing helps stimulate the baby's scalp and therefore the nervous system. Some believe this supports development of the baby's brain
  • Many babies are soothed by the gentle, massage like feeling of a hair brush -- especially one as soft as this. Brushing baby's hair is a wonderful and calming activity to include in a bedtime routine
  • Brushing boosts blood circulation to the scalp and may support baby's hair growth
  • For babies with a bit of cradle cap, gentle brushing can help clear flaky skin on top of the head. Once cradle cap is cleared, continued brushing can help keep it from returning

Our brush features ultra soft, 100% goat's wool bristles and a sturdy, eco-friendly beech-wood handle. The brush can be used wet or dry.

Kindly note that a few bristles may fall out in early uses of the brush. This is due to the fine and natural goat's wool used in the bristles.

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