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Little Weasel

Baby Finger Toothbrush (Set of 2)

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With baba's first tooth comes a new addition to your hygiene routine. Those tiny little pegs and soft gums need to be brushed! Our silicone finger brush offers parents an effective and ultra gentle way to clean baby's teeth and gums. What's more, the silicone shell protects your fingers and offers chew bumps too... Because those next teeth are probably not far behind!

Features include:

  • Ultra gentle silicone brush and bristles effectively clean tiny teeth and gums
  • Soft bristles ensure the experience is not painful for baby, and can help create a more positive association with toothbrushing
  • Builds oral hygiene habits from young
  • Features teether bumps on the back side to soothe sore gums
  • Provides a bit of protection to your fingers in case baby decides to bite
  • Heat resistant and easy to wash
  • Food grade silicone is soft and is not sticky
  • BPA free

Why choose a finger toothbrush? For infants, a finger toothbrush is much easier to control in order to clean gums and access those tiny teeth. Traditionally shaped toothbrushes are hard to manipulate when baby keeps snapping his mouth shut. Once your baby turns into a toddler and shows interest in brushing her own teeth -- somewhere around the one year mark -- consider moving on to a toothbrush with a handle.

Instructions: Use with or without infant toothpaste / tooth gel. Glide the brush along baby's teeth or gumline and tongue. We suggest incorporating toothbrushing into bedtime and wakeup routines as early as soon as the first teeth arrive -- try singing a gentle song and including toothbrushing with other calming hygiene activities such as hairbrushing. Always follow your dentist's toothbrushing recommendations.

To clean: Wash in warm water. Can be sterlized in boiling water, microwave sterlizer, or dishwasher. To avoid unwanted oil residue, which can cause silicone to take on a soapy taste, avoid washing with soaps containing moisturizers or essential oils. Oil residue can be removed with lemon or vinegar.

Warning: Not a toy. Use with adult supervision.

Dimensions: Height 5.5cm. Base diameter 2.4cm

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