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Little Weasel

360 Baby & Toddler Training Toothbrush

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Baba's teeth are sprouting fast, and they are oh so cute... But as baba grows, cleaning those teeth can be oh so tough! Our 360 baby toothbrush is here to help: every angle is the right angle, so it's just a little bit easier to keep things clean in between baba's teeth and gums, even if baba is squirming and biting down on the brush.

Is baba turning into a toddler who wants to do everything himself? (It happens so fast!) For littles suddenly insisting on brushing their own teeth, the 360 degree brush helps hit the right spots since there is no "wrong way round" or "upside down". The chunky, kiddie friendly handle makes the brush easier to hold and control. And a choke stopper helps prevent baba from sticking the brush too far into the mouth so as to avoid choking or gagging.

What's more, our 360 degree brush features ultra gentle silicone bristles to prevent pain and help baba start to enjoy her tooth brushing routine (fingers crossed!).

Features include:

  • Effective clean for both teeth and gums
  • 360 degree bristles
  • Chunky child toddler friendly handle
  • Stopper to help prevent choking and gagging
  • Ultra gentle silicone bristles
  • Works for sucking, chewing, and teething (including reaching those molars!)
  • Suction cup base helps keep the brush facing the right way up
  • Does not deform
  • Heat resistant and easy to wash
  • Food grade silicone is soft and is not sticky
  • Appropriate for babies 3 months and up
  • BPA free

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